Our Staff

No matter how dark your days seem to be of late, we see hope. 911 Detox sees a promising bright future for you after recovery. However, you must endure the recovery process and be committed to ridding your system of the alcohol and drugs that clouded your judgment in the past.

At 911 Detox, our staff is composed of experienced and educated professionals who have guided countless addicts out of their addiction. We make use of Evidence-Based therapy to treat your addiction. Our staff can provide counseling and medication therapy in a safe and exclusive environment. We provide all that is necessary to help you overcome your issues with drugs and alcohol – that is what our team is committed to doing.

Our staff at 911 Detox truly believes that anyone can overcome an addiction. It takes will power and the solid support group that you can find in our staff. Rest assured that we will respect your privacy and will preserve your dignity through the rehabilitation process.