About Us

At 911 Detox, we put ourselves in your shoes and try to understand what brought you to your situation. We seek to identify underlying issues that:

  • caused you to become addicted to drugs and alcohol
  • disconnected you from the people you love
  • influenced your life to pursue addictive substances and destructive behaviors

The treatment programs at 911 Detox are focused on HELPING YOU and NOT JUDGING YOU. The goal is to determine what it will take to renew your views on a life without addiction and then help you take the path towards healthy living. Helping you recover is what 911 Detox is all about.

The road to recovery does not end after you complete the treatment programs at the center. In fact, it goes even further until the rest of your days. Our staff will help you realize that your addiction must not become a liability that you have to forever endure, instead, let it be a lesson that inspires you to become a better person with each new day you are given. 911 Detox provides inspiration for better lives starting today!

Get help for yourself or someone you love. Call our direct line now! 714-654-2325 to inquire about the admission process.