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A rehabilitation center can be a caring facility that offers its clients a way to get out of the downward spiral of addiction. The main purpose that 911 Detox was established is to “GIVE HELP”. Help is just what you need and that’s what you’ll get from our staff.

We specialize in Corporate Executive, CEO, CFO, and COO’s interventions, sober escorts, and treatment. For executives who are pressed for time we offer a 7 day detox in a setting that that is discreet with the luxuries of home and office. For those who golf, Pacific City Drug Rehab is up the road. Our executives are well cared for in aspects of the recovery process.

Costa Mesa, California
Drug and Heroin Detox
Couples Drug Detox
Orange County Couples Drug Rehab
Singles Executive Residential Treatment
Executive Drug and Alcohol Detox
Orange County Drug and Alcohol Detox
Mission Heroin Detox
Most Confidential Cash Drug Detox in America
Most Confidential Cash Drug Detox in America in Orange County
Christian Executive Drug Rehab
Christian Executive Drug Rehab

We now have a package deal for a private attorney for drug and alcohol addiction and also provide Bail bond service.

911 Executive Detox now provide probation approved treatment facilities, couples accepted, california heroin detox, couple heroin detox, couple opiate detox, couples naltrexone drug treatment

We specialize in treatment for couples.

911 Emergency Detox Doctor Available 24/7 for Orange County Residents

Free Assessment and Placement Service

We accept HMO Insurance for inpatient residential treatment 30 day program, No Co-Pay!

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